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Human Resource Services
Our human resources approach allows our clients the ability to focus on their core business while we partner with them to provide the best solutions. Our  focus is on flexible, cost effective human resources solutions that support  your organization’s goals and create substantial value.

Our Human Resources services are offered in four models:

HR Outsourced : Allows your business to focus on your strengths and not worry about the ever  changing landscape of human resources and payroll regulations.  This is a complete HR outsource solution.

HR Assist:
Includes a complete HR Audit, Review and Update of the Employee Handbook, Review and Update of HR Forms, and Day to Day assistance with HR issues.

HR Check-up:
Includes a complete HR Audit, Review of the Employee Handbook and Review of HR Forms.

HR Support:
This is an hourly based model based on project scope.  It also has a call center that the client can call in for specific HR issues based on an hourly rate.